Tove Valley Community Football

Tove Valley are committed to providing open and accessible football within our community, and have partnered up with a couple of charities and the local care system to help deliver a programme specifically to help tackle barriers to young adults accessing football. Our focus is on the needs of local players within NN1, which is an area of the highest levels of deprivation in the country, with a large child migrant community where young refugees and asylum seekers have been separated from their families. With no previous formal training or experience in competitive football, these young adults are in need of care and support with targeted technical and tactical training that is expected at other clubs if joining as a player. We have a formal training programme of development blocks to help support young players, providing a positive and supportive environment as a social support group of like minded, passionate young players to help them feel welcome within their new culture and community, linking with local community groups and networks and faith groups to care for our members. 

If you are a player or carer for a player in these circumstances or similar then please do get in touch on our Join The Club page to speak to our programme leaders or to find out more information.